Why Are Pet Carriers Becoming A Commodity?

Have you ever seen celebrities carrying their adorable fur ball on a designer carrier bag? Mostly seen as a fashion statement rather than a means of transporting your pet, pet carriers are now becoming more prominent in the market. Decorated with different designs, colors, and sizes, these carriers specifically made for pets are slowly governing the pet product industry and pet supply stores.

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Today, most people are taking an interest in smaller breeds of dogs. Due to their petite size, breeds like Toy Poodles, Chihuahuas, Pugs and others that fall on the same category are easier to handle and manage. Although they may be cute and cuddly, these types of pooches still encounter serious conditions along the way. For instance, Pugs can develop certain respiratory conditions due to years of selective breathing. For this reason, Pugs may experience difficulty in breathing if they become over fatigued.

As a solution for this, pet owners and pet supply stores created a means of transporting your small pooch in the most convenient of ways – hence the creation of pet carriers. Pet carriers do not only provide a means of bringing your pet with you. Here are the other benefits of why pet carriers are being regarded by pet owners and pet supply stores.

Gives Your Pooch Warmth and Comfort

Have you ever seen your dog shivering on cold weather? If you have then they probably are. Their small stature gives them a hard time accumulating heat in their bodies. For some, letting their pets wear a sweater is a solution. However, most dogs find sweaters uncomfortable and tend to rip them apart. With that being said, pet owners now use pet carriers to give their pooch warmth and comfort. With designs like expandable frames, soft mats, and fabric-meshed walls, pet carriers provide the needed heat for your pooch.

Keeps Them Protected At All Times

If you find yourself traveling on the road with your pet and suddenly a deep puddle makes your vehicle jump, injuries are sure to follow. For this reason, keeping your pet inside their pet carrier is essential. Not only are they protected from the surroundings but they also give your car the protection it needs. Having a loose pet on your vehicle spell all sorts of trouble, from wrecked seats to saliva-filled door handles. And availing a quality pet carrier from pet supply stores makes a huge difference.

Provides Ease in Transportation

Carrying your pooch all day long whenever you’re out of town is a daunting task. It can result in tired arms, aching legs and shoulders. However, when you use a pet carrier, your body is subjected to a lesser risk factor of pain. From ergonomically designed carriers like sling bags, backpacks, and collapsible carry bags, owning a pet carrier provides you ease in transporting your pet from here to there.

Makes Airplane Rides Less of a Hassle

Did you know that several airlines recommend using a pet carrier when you’re traveling? Approved airline carrier bags are necessary apparel whenever you’re traveling via airplane. This does not only help in having a comfortable place for your pet but also the peace of mind that your pet is safe and sound. Plus, pet carriers can provide the warmth needed by your pets to fight the cold temperatures of the aircraft cabins.

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