Cat Hyperactivity: Causes and Prevention

Cats are friendly creatures that enjoy the companies of their owner. And if you are one of those people owning a cat for a pet, you know the struggles of keeping one happy and in check. Most cat owners perceive their pets as cuddly, amusing, and downright lovable. However, when cat hyperactivity strikes, everything can go downhill.

Broken vases wrecked couches, and even scratched up cabinets are usual scenarios if your cat suddenly has the urge to be active. Although stated as natural behavior by veterinary behaviourist Dr Nicholas Dodman, it can be troublesome if you are not weary on how to handle such cases. 

In addition to this, Dodman also mentioned that cat hyperactivity is hardwired to their genes. Most of the time, you will find your cat sleeping when it is pitch-black or night time. Also, casual napping time during the late afternoon can be seen as natural behaviours for cats. However, when its dusk, most cats become active due to their primal DNA. You will find cats prowling the house for prey like mice and insects inside of your household. 

With this in mind, knowing that your cat is an active ball of fluff is essential. This makes you knowledgeable about what to do and when to do it. Most cat owners tend to buy different toys to support the behaviour of their pets. Here are other excellent methods to provide an energy outlet for your cat.

Implement Playtime on your Schedule

Most pets love playtime. And, just like dogs, cats need ample time to release the stored energy in their body. If you fail to assess such situations in your household, your cat will be all over the place. This scenario can wreak havoc in the house, worse; your cat can injure a person, another pet or even itself. 

Now, you can use different cat-friendly toys like interactive LED lasers, soft rattles, or even toys that contain treats. This will help release and reduce unwanted behaviour in your pet. Not only will this beneficial for your cat but also increase the social relationship between pets and owners. Keep in mind that when using a laser pointer, you must give your cat a chance to pounce on a treat or onto another toy. This will help mimic prey chasing, which is crucial for having a well-trained cat.

Moreover, implementing a playtime schedule must always be kept discreet. This will help reduce over-stimulation on a play that may result in procuring aggressive behaviour. Keep playtime duration down to a minimum of 5 minutes and a maximum of 10 to 15 minutes.

Assess Your Cats’ Personality

Due to their genetic make-up, household cats are very territorial and solitary creatures. With that said, having different pets like dogs and other felines can make your cat agitated. Stressed out cats often urinate outside their litterboxes which are clear signs of territory marking. 

Having more than two cats on a household can increase the agitation levels of your pets. And, once a cat has been in constant stress, they can go all over the place, jumping, running, and crashing into furniture. To alleviate the situation, maintain harmony with your cats, let them know each other through play, or set a date to bring your cats outside for casual walks. This will help them get to the family and for you to know each personality better. 

Create Safe Environments for Your Cats to Wonder

A house may be seen as the safest place for you to leave your cat. Away from traffic, roads, other people, and other animals, your home is often the first and last place you’ll be placing your cat. However, knowing that your cat stores energy every single day and putting them in a secluded area is a recipe for trouble. Without outside stimulation, your cat may figure out ways to entertain themselves.

To keep this in check, you may use cat harnesses to lead them to walks and parks. Also, you may use other means like having a personalized catio for your cats to play at. Always remember that quality beats quantity and having the best toys to stimulate your cat is essential. With that being said, check out the assortment of cat toys available at The Paws Republic now! From plush toys to lasers, when it comes to cat and other pet necessities, The Paws Republic has got your back. 

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